Saturday, January 12, 2008

Woman Gives Husband The Chop

German police are looking for a housewife who told her children she murdered and had flushed their father down the toilet.

The husband, a Dusseldorf taxi-driver, vanished three weeks ago. The wife, 52, chopped him up and disposed of body parts in garbage bins and down the toilet.

They were a Muslim couple that hated one another and their marriage had been going down the toilet for years . Her adult children asked where he was, she replied: "You'll never find him. I've put him down the loo."

Neighbours said the toilet had been flushed constantly on the night he disappeared but they put it down to the ethnic food they could smell coming from the apartment and the novelty of having a flushing toilet.

The woman was last seen in her native Macedonia and German police will issue an international warrant for her arrest.

Old Knudsen who was a friend to the man said:" He was always smiling and brought joy to the lives of many, I'll always remember him as my chum."

The apartment had been cleaned and repainted, but the police were able to find bloodstains in the living room, hall and bathroom. Experts are drawing straws to see who searches the sewer next.

The husband, 58 showed classic signs of spousal abuse and had never reported her many attempts to poison him or the time she seriously injured him with a hammer. Police doubt he'll report getting chopped up.

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