Thursday, January 31, 2008

UFO Cover Up In Texas

MUFON (mutual UFO network) is asking the military to repeat their training flights over Stephenville Texas to see if it matches up with the UFOs that over 200 people claim to have seen and shot at on the night of Jan 8th, 2008.
At first the military denied they had any aircraft in the area but now they are saying they were F16 jets.

Colonel Dan Wrothers USAF retired said: " It looks like our boys were caught with their pants down and are now trying to cover something up. I've seen enough strange things in my time to know that UFOs exist and the thing that worries the government the most is that we have nothing that can compare to their speed or maneuverability, those things just come out of nowhere."
Old Knudsen UFO abductee said: " All I know is that I went to a party and was handed a drink, the next thing I knew it was the next day and I had lost a whole night.
My trousers were round my ankles and it felt as if I had been anally probed by aliens and there was space goop all over me. I don't know if they planted eggs inside me or what but I know UFOs and aliens are real."
By Texas law aliens may face death by lethal injection if they are arrested for anal probing even in the privacy of their own space ships.

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