Friday, January 18, 2008

Tanzanian Witchcraft Murders

Reginald Mengi Executive Chairman of IPP, one of East Africa's largest privately owned companies called upon Tanzanians to condemn the recent killings of albinos, believed to be prompted by acts of witchcraft, and wondered why people who witnessed such evils failed to alert the authorities.

Mengi made the appeal during a special luncheon he hosted in Dar es Salaam for people with disabilities. "There are people who still believe in witchcraft and think that the limbs of an albino could make them wealthy." he said.

Mengi said that a person cannot call himself or herself religious if he or she ignores the welfare of other people who have also been created by God.

The chairman of Dar es Salaam-based albinos, Mohamed Chanzi, commended Mengi for condemning evil acts against albinos .

Witchcraft is a practice and not a religion. Which is a good indication of the ignorance and lack of knowledge in Africa even from the better off Africans. This leads to people consult Witchdoctors rather medical doctors and has enabled the spread of diseases such as aids.

A member for the Tanzania Albino Association, Abdillah Omar, said they planned to hold a peaceful demonstration in appreciation of President Jakaya Kikwete`s recent denouncement of the killings of albinos.

Tanzania is the Albino capitol of the world with over 4000, it is said to be good luck to have an albino living in your village.

Only former Human Rights Activist Old Knudsen applauded the killings: "So very often the badie in a film is either English or an albino, both give me the creeps. I support the rights of witches to continue their practice of albino arms dealing. I went to Albania once, never again a dirty people ."

Meanwhile, the wife of the Palestinian envoy in the country, Anita Habbab, expressed concern over the killings and donated 1 million Palestinian dollars (£1.50p or 75 ¢) to help fight evil acts targeting albinos.

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