Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Citroen Car Ad Insults Chinese

French carmaker Citroen has withdrawn an ad featuring a picture of former Chinese leader Mao Zedong, after complaints it was an insult. The Chinese are famous for their great wall and great sense of humour but this went too far.

The ad carried in Spanish newspaper El Pais, shows Mao as he scowls at a hatchback. The picture is based on the time the great leader was suffering from a bout of explosive diarrhea and was barely keeping it together, he showed the Chinese people great strength helping them endue his policy 'Great leap Forward' which promoted industrial production rather than food production and resulted in the death of tens of millions due to starvation .

"It's true, we are leaders, but at Citroen the revolution never stops."
Citroen apologised for the "inappropriate" ad, which Chinese chatroom visitors had complained "hurts our national pride", as leaders that quell any political unrest by a red-hot gun-rod being rammed into the anus demands respect, waterboarding is thought to be for weaker nations. Explained a chatroom user.

"This is no small thing," said one visitor to a chatroom about the ad . "It has an influence on the whole country. It damages the whole Chinese people, nearly as much as the poisons we put in our food, medicines and toys."

In a statement, Citroen said it regretted any "displeasure" caused, and said it had ordered the advert to be pulled immediately.

A reserve advert will replace the Mao ad, it will be feature the Prophet Mohammad and his 9 year-old wife.

"We repeat our good feelings towards the Chinese people, and confirm that we respect the representatives and symbols of the country, we would never mock Hitler in Germany or Bush in America, well ok maybe the last one, who expected Chinese people to read a Spanish newspaper? " Citroen said in a statement in Chinese.

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