Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pot-head Steals Animals

In Darwin Australia Benjamin Glen Watts,19, blamed the influence of marijuana for his decision to steal two crocodiles and a monkey, from a wildlife park on the outskirts of Darwin last July.

Watts had planned to sell the stolen baby crocodiles and the marmoset but had been unable to find buyers as crocs are no longer trendy. He then got the munches which is common with marijuana use and ate the crocs keeping the marmoset for company.

Crocodylus Park spokesman Grahame Webb said: "Its disgusting what that young boy did, not just to the baby crocs but to the marmoset. What kind of rape counseling do you give a monkey?"

Watts' lawyer told the court his client admitted it was a "dumb stoner" thing to do and had broke out his crayons to write to Crocodylus Park to apologise and will finish the letter just as soon as he stops giggling uncontrollably.

Magistrate Greg Cavanagh sentenced Watts to a three-month suspended jail sentence and a restraining order, he cannot go up to 300 feet near the marmoset . Watts has been counseled for his marijuana use and monkey sex addiction since the thefts.

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