Monday, April 7, 2008

Celebrity Round-Up

Singer Beyoncé Knowles has married rapper Jay-Z in a private ceremony in New York.

The couple's parents joined a group of close celebrity pals, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, as well as Beyoncé's bandmates in Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, and her sisters Solange, Flange and Shannaya.

They then threw a lavish party at Jay's apartment in the fashionable New York district of TriBeCa.
Beyoncé flaunting her well fed thighs at a concert in Ethiopia

A large white marquee was erected on the top of the building and audio-visual equipment, large flower arrangements and a 5ft tall candelabra who was Beyoncé's cousin were also brought in.

Celebrity florist Amy's Orchids was hired to provide more than 50,000 white orchids from Thailand. Cristal makers Louis Roederer lifted their ban on rappers buying their product for the occasion.

Jay-Z, a seven-times Grammy winner, is reportedly poised to sign a £75million touring deal with Live Nation, while Beyoncé is only worth about £15million.

A humourous antidote about the abusive, philandering, self-serving, gluttonous egomaniac with a blind indifference to the thoughts and feelings of others actor Rex Harrison otherwise known as 'Sexy Rexy' by the media .

One night, after a stage performance of My Fair Lady, an elderly woman was standing alone in the rain outside the stage door and asked for his autograph.

Rex told her to "sod off", which so enraged the old woman she promptly rolled up her programme and hit him with it.

Fellow actor Stanley Holloway, who witnessed the scene, remarked that it was the first time "the fan has hit the s***!".
Baby Spice, Emma Bunting gets into a car after receiving treatment for her skin condition 'follicularitisis' in which she will grow long blonde hair all over her body and may soon resemble the Sugar Puffs Honey Monster.
Bunting has remained upbeat and perky about her illness giving hope to at least 4 other people in the world who have the illness.
The Honey Monster

Michelangelo's 'David' has wrote his memoirs telling of his 500 years of fame and the effect it has had on him. Michelangelo's lawyers have sought to block parts of the book that have cast aspersions on the sculpturers sexuality.

The book is entitled, 'David: Boy To Man' and is due out in August.

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