Saturday, April 26, 2008

Catchy Tune To Catch New Souls

Yet another PR stunt from the failing Catholic church. To take people's minds of the strict outdated dogma that decides divorcees are worse than murderers.
The numerous worldwide pedophilia charges and subsequent cover ups.

Now three Catholic priests from Northern Ireland are getting ready to take the music world by storm after signing a £1m record deal.

Father Eugene O'Hagen, 48, his brother Martin, 45, and David Delargy, 44, all have parishes in the diocese of Down and Connor.

Known as The Priests which says it all really , signed the deal with music giant Sony BMG at London's Westminster Cathedral.

Any money the priests make from the group will be given to charity. I bet its not a Protestant charity.

The group have a special exemption in their contract, which allows them to break off from promotional duties to deal with parish work such as presiding over funerals and teaching children the love of God.

Fr Eugene said that what had happened may be "God's design".

He said that the money that the priests make will go to various charities but "we haven't decided which I like children's charities myself I'm always one to give a child a hand".

"There is a real feeling of excitement and apprehension," he said. Fr Martin said that it was important that the record deal still allowed the men to carry out their parish duties.

"Our work means a great deal to us it beats real jobs," he said.

"We are priests first and foremost just thinking about my work gets me up in the mornings. Our work will be at the heart of our plans and the butt of many a joke ."

Fr David added: "Singing is very much what we do.

"This is bringing it to a wider audience. We are singing sacred music, continuing what we have always been doing."

Fr Eugene said the group's musical tastes were influenced by their religion
"We have very Catholic tastes," he said, adding that he liked Death Metal and Speed Metal.

However, Fr David said his musical taste was slightly more eclectic

"My first ever purchase was Snap - Rhythm is a dancer," he said.

The priests all attended The Seminary in Belfast and concluded their training at the Irish College in Rome, before returning to work in Northern Ireland.

Last year, they just happened to be were heard singing by an Irish pop musician who asked them to make a demo which he took to Sony BMG.

Nick Raphael, managing director of Epic Records, part of Sony BMG, negotiated the signing.

"Their voices are incredible," he said. "I think we've found three uncool middle-aged pop stars, perfect for the Irish market.

"They're going to be wonderful global superstars. The reaction has been incredible, throbbing, huge.

"The quality of their singing is quite scary we just need to get them to thrust their crotches more."

The priests' forthcoming record, which they said is as yet un-named, is planned for release around November time.
Some songs to look forward to are: Our Little Secret, On Your Knees For God's Sake , If This Is A Sin Then Why Do I Feel So Good? and Offer It Up.

Lets not forget Father Michael Cleary also known as 'The Singing Priest' who died in 1993 well-known for his devout Catholic views on sex, divorce and abortion.
And his book about maintaining faith in the modern world.

His housekeeper, Phyllis Hamilton, was his live in lover and mother of his child. Well at least he liked women.

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