Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hamas Puppet Kills Bush

In a Hamas TV production for Palestinian children called "Exceptionals" a puppet stabs U.S. President George Bush to death in revenge for American and Israeli actions.

In the episode, Bush, a hand-held puppet dressed in a green uniform and wearing boxing gloves, is shown talking to a Palestinian child.

The child, with tears in his voice, accuses Bush of killing his father in Iraq, his mother in Lebanon and his brothers and sisters in Gaza with the assistance of the Israelis.

The Islamic Hamas is considered by Israel, the U.S. and EU as a terrorist group.

Hamas charges the U.S. with backing Israeli attacks. The unnamed child tells Bush: "Your are a criminal. You deprived me of everything."

The child says, "I have to take my revenge with this sword of Islam."

Bush, in a panic, pleads for his life. "I repent. Don't kill me."

He invites the child for talks in the White House. But the child counters that the White House has been turned into a mosque, and "impure Bush" can't enter it. Then the child stabs him to death.

Then the child sings a song with the dinosaur of martyrdom about Allah's love and how to be friends.


witchypoo said...

You only wish.

warriorwoman said...

that was interesting

Barney said...

How can I compete with that?