Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Pope Tells Of His Own Pedophilia Shame

Traveling on his first papal journey to the United States, Pope Benedict XVI had a low-key press conference aboard his Papal plane and said he was "deeply ashamed" of the problem and vowing not to employ anymore pedophiles than the ones he already has into of the priesthood.

Benedict had only begun his six-day journey when he addressed sex abuse issue, his thick German accent and mumblings were hard to follow but our intrepid reporter got the gist of his statement: " It is a great suffering for the church blah blah blah, and for me personally blah blah blah, difficult for me to understand blah blah blah, I am deeply ashamed blah blah blah, We will absolutely include pedophiles into the sacred ministry blah blah blah, many priests blah blah blah, We will do everything possible to wound blah blah blah, [insert more insincere rhetoric here] blah blah blah to these hot children."

The group known as 'The 5000' who allege Catholic clergy sex abuse and advocate for abuse victims were not impressed.
They said the problem is not just molester priests, but bishops and other church authorities who have let errant clergymen continue to serve even after repeated allegations.

"It's easy and tempting to continually focus on the pedophile priests themselves," said Peter Isely, a board member of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.
"It's harder but crucial to focus on the broader problem - complicity in the rest of the church hierarchy and predator Bishops still at work ."

The Pope will not be meeting with any victim support groups or victims during his visit.

The American church has paid more than $2 billion in costs related to the scandal since 1950 - the majority of that in just the last six years. Maybe he considers that enough.

The Pope will meet with President Bush but pedophile priests isn't necessarily on the president's top priorities for his agenda in talking with the pope.
The two leaders would likely discuss human rights, religious tolerance and the fight against violent extremism, and how to join forces against abortion, gay marriage and embryonic stem cell research.
A crowd of 9,000 or more is expected at the White House to greet Benedict on his 81st birthday. Aides say he is in good health and ready to spread his love.

OBB News has not been able to contact Arthur Roche the Bishop of Leeds for a comment about the rampant pedophilia and collusion to protect and shelter former and current members of the clergy involved in pedophilia.


witchypoo said...

The Pope totally creeps me out. He has scary mean eyes, even when he's trying to look all filled with the holy spirit. The devil will out.

Kate McCann said...

I think hes a lovely man and I'd trust him with the children I still have left.