Sunday, April 20, 2008

Harmful Weapons Recalled

China has suffered yet another embarrassing recall to it's export trade.The Chinese vessel, An Yue Jiang, was docked at the South African port with weapons ordered by Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe just days after the presidential elections.

It is thought he wanted them to ensure safe democracy and an all out win for his party.

The thousands of bullets sent over are thought to contain dangerous amounts of lead and the mortar shells have toxic traces of the date rape drug GHB and could be fatal if ingested by a child.

Dockers in South African port of Durban won't unload the 77 tons of mortars, ammunition and rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons and the ship had to leave.

Earlier this week, Chinese troops were seen on the streets of Zimbabwe's third largest city Mutare probably to collect the earlier shipments of harmful weapons .

At least two child soldiers in Zimbabwe were hospitalised with lead poisoning after licking the paint on their AK-47's.

84-year-old Mugabe was speaking out in public and launched a typical tirade against Britain in his first major speech since the elections.

Mugabe told 15,000 cheering supporters in a fiery address to mark independence day: "Down with the British. Down with thieves who want to steal our country."

In a stream of insults against Britain that called Gordon Brown 'fat and ugly' the people 'chavs and chavettes ' and the food 'horrible' which is more true than insulting, Mugabe added: "Today they are like thieves fronting their lackeys among us, which they give money to confuse our people."

Oxfam and save the Children insist they are trying to give food and medical aid to the people that Mugabe is killing and starving and the only confusing thing is the exchange rate, 25 million dollars = 62p which is the cost of a loaf of bread and more than most make in a week.

Mugabe, in power since independence in 1980, repeated the line that London was the real enemy and called on the king of England 'Big Ben' to surrender to Zimbabwe or face the might of his taunting.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: " Its terrible when everything resorts to insults, I may be fat and ugly but I can diet and have plastic surgery. Mr Mugabe will always be stupid."

Mr Brown added: "The UK really really doesn't want Zimbabwe, in fact we don't even want Northern Ireland and they are almost civilised and right next door."


witchypoo said...

Why IS the food in Britain so horrible? My ex husband is British, and he couldn't stand it either. Said if you order spaghetti in a diner, you would get tinned spaghetti and an egg. They do up a decent breakfast though.

warriorwoman said...

canned spaghetti, the staple of university students everywhere. kraft dinner too, except that it's considered gourmet if you have the butter to put in it.

british doesn't have bad food, they have great sweets and full time employment for dentists.

when will it be national idiots day, I'd like my 15 minutes of fame too

The Troll said...

A nation-of-filth run by inbreds and muslibs. Zimbabwe sucks too.