Friday, April 11, 2008

Transplant Precipitant Re-lives Donor's Life

After the story about the heart transplant recipient marrying his donor's widow and committing suicide in the same way as the donor did we have yet another similar story.

Are some people susceptible to receiving elements of that person's character or soul when they have a transplant or even a blood transfusion? and what about those with animal parts, will they become more animalistic or be prone to diseases only animals can get thus mutating it into a human virus?

Any parent will tell you that nature wins over nurture, how does the new born get into the habit of sleeping with its bottom in the air like its father that they haven't met?

Claire Sylvia, 47, a divorced mother of one was dying from a disease called primary pulmonary hypertension when, in 1988, she had a pioneering heartlung transplant in America.

She was given the organs of an 18-year-old boy who had been killed in a motorcycle accident near his home in Maine.

Claire, a former professional dancer, seemed to be acquiring the characteristics, and cravings, of the donor.

She had developed a sudden fondness for certain foods she hadn't liked before: Snickers bars, green peppers, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chinese takeaway and even beer.

Claire was still felt attracted to men but didn't feel that same need to have a boyfriend as she felt more independent than before as if I had taken on a more masculine outlook, she scratched her crotch and spat a lot and started to only think about herself .
Since the donor was an 18 year-old boy (or men as we call them in the UK) she got aroused just thinking about linoleum .

She felt tougher, fitter more aggressive and assertive and stopped getting colds, if she got lost when driving she never asked for directions.

Even her walk became more manly. "Why are you walking like that?" her teenage daughter Amara asked.

"You're lumbering like a musclebound football player."

She had dreams about a tall thin young man she came to know as Tim L.

After doing research she found an obituary for an 18-year-old who had died in a motorcycle accident whose name was Timothy Lamirande.

Claire wrote to his parents and met them and Tim's siblings, all her new found tastes were those that Tim had.

None of the others who got other parts from Tim had come forward so maybe its only the odd few. Thats the gamble for a little bit more life at any cost.


The Tall Red Head said...

Well, I haven't had a transplant, but have started drinking coffee after having hated it for all of my 28 years. BUT...maybe it is because the bloke I am shagging likes his morning coffee and I am subconsciously starting to like it so we can have our morning coffee together. But, he lives in Sydney and I am in Tasmania, and we shag once a month and we only drink coffee together over the phone. So maybe I am just going mad. By the way...I am waiting to hear about your job as a chartered accountant.

Dr Phil said...

Maybe the cells from the semen adjust your tastes to liking coffee.