Friday, April 18, 2008

Too Happy To Be A Hater

Jamie Bauld, 18, from Lanarkshire, Scotland has Down's Syndrome, and has been charged with racial assault after a childish argument with another mong. The girl who happens to be Asian at their special needs school irritated him, he pushed her and told her to go away and she told the teacher.

The two were sent their separate ways and their parents informed about the falling out.

Given their mental ages , it was no more significant than a playground spat between two five-year-olds. That should have been the end of it.

A notice was placed in the local newspaper it is not known by whom asking for witnesses to a "racial assault" at the college on the day in question and the police were informed.

Jamie was charged with racism and assault. A perfect example of political correctness gone mad and of a local zero-tolerance policy on racism taken to its extremes without any common sense being applied.

I have found that with political correctness everyone is too afraid to veer from the letter of the law incase they get into trouble for some stupid infraction or get called a racist themselves.
Assault people for what they do not who they are.

Jamie is sociable ,chatty and a very loving, kind person. He is so placid that he put up with a year of bullying at secondary school when he was 14.

He was punched, kicked had his clothes ripped and glasses broken but would never hit back because he thought his bullies were his friends.

He had already complained about the girl that claims she was assaulted to his mother saying that the girl kept following him, staring at him and putting her face really close to his without saying anything just breathing her foul breath that smelled like rotting fish at him. Jamie likes the ladies but this girl was a bit of a tard .

After seven months of hell and not knowing what was going to happen to Jamie the Procurator Fiscal (a public officer in Scotland who prosecutes in petty cases) sent them a letter saying he would not be proceeding with the prosecution. There was no apology.

The crown court did apologise to the family afterwards which was big or them.

A spokeswoman for Down's Syndrome Scotland is also horrified by the case and called for better handling and understanding.

She says "I've never met a mong who was racist.

This incident should have been contained within the college. It has been very badly handled."

Jamie's Mother Fiona is sure that Jamie will forget about this before she does but she still has to reassure him at night when she tucks him in that he won't be going to jail.

She is determined to speak out because she wants the people in official positions to think twice about what they are doing, and apply common sense to unique situations like these.

Good luck on that one. If it was a white mong assaulted by an Asian would people cry out 'racial assault?'


The Tall Red Head said...

Damn straight! I was walking down the street in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, on my way to my job as a barmaid one day and a group of aboriginals called me a "White C**t with red hair"...Everyone I told laughed...if I had called them "black C**ts" back I would have been the worst in the world.

And why bring my hair into it????

Kev Rudd said...

We call them a 'tribe' of aboriginals. I doubt they have ever seen a red headed person, that is strong mojo to them and they would be c**ts of color.

dai said...

Trying to be politically correct is like saying you can pick up a turd by the clean end.

Anonymous said...

Kill all the fucking retards!!!