Friday, April 4, 2008

Strick By Name But Slack By Nature

Mrs Strick, of St Levan in west Cornwall opened her chicken coop one morning hoping to find some fresh eggs from her hens.
Instead all she found was one very full and content fox, as well as an assortment of blood-stained feathers.

The fox just sat there like someone who had over indulged at Christmas and was now in a semi coma in front of the telly with their trousers unbuttoned.

The creature, which she has nicknamed Basil, had already killed six of her chickens the week before.

Mrs Strick an environmentalist who is against fox hunting
would rather protect the fox but not her chickens shrugged off the loss and said: "It's nature I suppose," she said. "If you live in the country it's what you have to put up with."

Old Knudsen country gent said: " Silly woman If it was me I've be eating the fox that's full of chicken and I'd call it Foxken also I've have a lovely tail to put on the back of my cap, its nature."

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