Tuesday, April 15, 2008

R2-D2 Re-Boots After Illness

'Star Wars' robot R2-D2 , remains in a British hospital after experiencing chest pains on a flight from Chicago last week. His son, Kevin-D2, told OBB News that his dad was "seriously ill" when admitted but is now feeling "a lot better."

The 73-year-old robot R2-D2 , was rushed to a Manchester, England hospital after falling ill during a flight from Chicago, where he was attending a film convention.

"He's well aware of all the tech support he's received and thanks everyone for their kind regards" said Kevin-D2.

Doctors believe R2-D2's bout with a Trojan virus he caught off a Mac in Thailand last year may have had something to do with his current illness.

"The doctors said they'd done pretty much all they could do," Kenny-D2 told OBB News. "I was told he could very easily pass away in his standby mode.

"The popular robot goes to many "Star Wars" conventions and according to his son, "hates turning down any opportunity to appear." He said he'll try and get him to "slow down and recharge " when he gets well.

"He just loves going to these conventions and beeping at his fans," Kevin-D2 added.

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Brad Stitt said...

The robot was real? that is most incredible get well soon you are the best.