Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ringo Starr Decapitated

Ringo Starr famous for being the first narrator for Thomas the tank engine and being a drummer in a pop band called the Beatles was decapitated in his home town of Liverpool.

The topiary recreation of the Beatles at a local railway station now features a headless drummer.

The artwork, which took 18 months to grow and shape, was unveiled two weeks ago.

But vandals targeted Ringo over the weekend, cutting off his head, which has yet to be found.

Fellow band mates John, Paul and George were left unharmed.

Liverpudlians were thought to have been upset with Starr when he said there was nothing he missed about the town during an interview with Jonathan Ross in January.

Even though Ringo, launched Liverpool's celebrations as the European Capital of Culture, a week before.

Frank McKenna, of business network Downtown Liverpool, said the 67-year- old drummer had "shot himself in the foot".

"People have long memories and one can only think that this attack on his figure is calculated to send a message of disapproval over what he said," he explained.

"There are those who would see it as a reply, in a direct and revolutionary manner, to Ringo's comments."

A station worker said it was the second time the Fab Four artwork had been damaged.

"Last time someone squashed Ringo's head but this time the head has been completely cut off. Whoever did it must have come armed with cutting equipment and a thirst for vengeance ."

British Transport Police are investigating and extra security is being considered for the bush family.


witchypoo said...

There's some satisfying revenge. "I'll cut off the top of a plant that looks vaguely like you." Oh, the burn.

Voodoo Priest said...

The man is dead from da neck up.