Monday, April 21, 2008

No Surrender Mr Putin

The Moscow newspaper which claimed Vladimir Putin had secretly divorced and planned to marry a gymnast has been shut down.

Billionaire owner Alexander Lebedev, a former KGB agent, pulled the plug on Moscow Korrespondent hours after the Russian president issued an angry denial of the report about former Olympic gymnast and nude model Alina Kabaeva, a member of parliament who is 31 years his junior and double jointed .

Editor Grigoriy Nekhoroshev resigned in protest and claimed the article was well sourced.

Before being suspended, the paper issued an apology, yet deputy editor Igor Dudinsky declared: "We stand by our story."
OBB News was also asked to shut down by the Kremlin for reporting this story and even though one of our reporters and the lady who makes the tea have just died in strange circumstances I refuse to be strong armed into submission.

Kill as many of my people as you want you don't scare Old Knudsen Mr Putin for I am blogging from a safe location out of harms way.

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