Thursday, April 17, 2008

Xu The Builder Can You Fix It ?

Xu Jianguo, 35, was a builder working on a building site in Chongqing City, China when a steel rod fell from the ninth floor and struck him.

He miraculously survived after it speared him through the head and stuck in three inches into his skull. It speared through his safety helmet and into his brain.

Colleagues of Mr Jianguo heard him cry out but thought he had simply slipped and fallen until they saw the bar wedged in his head.

Firefighters had to cut the bar using industrial cutters before Jianguo could be operated on. Surgeons then performed four hours of emergency surgery to remove the bar.

Dr Li Cheng, who was on the operating team, said: "Luckily the brainstem was intact.
"Unfortunately, the bar had also smashed off part of the plastic of the hat and this had been forced into the brain so deeply that we were unable to remove it.

"We will see if there are any consequences in a few weeks, but at the moment he is talking normally and seems to have no ill effects and besides hes just a builder, its not like hes a brain surgeon or something ."


Hyphen Mama said...

Yet another reason never to wear a hard hat made in China!

Steel Rod said...

No chinky gave me head.