Friday, April 25, 2008

Who Knew Hitler Was A Real Doll ?

An action-man/GI Joe style doll of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler has gone on sale in the Ukraine, with saleswomen comparing the doll to Barbie . We wonder if they mean Klaus Barbie the chief of the Gestapo.

Supermarkets in the capital Kiev are stocking the 9 inch fuhrer which is smaller than other action figures, complete with jackboots, leather trench-coat and swastika armband.

The £100 figure has a spare head "with a kind expression on it," glasses and several changes of clothes.

It comes in a presentation box with the dates of Hitler's birth and death on it.

There are reports of increasing xenophobia and racism, and of some extremists supporting racism similar to that of Nazi Germany under Hitler and a time of growing right-wing political sentiment in Ukraine.

Critics believe a cult of Hitler could spring up among disaffected youths, too young to remember the ravages Nazism wreaked on the country.

Although Ukranian laws prohibit any form of fascism or propaganda, the dolls are already on sale and will be mass marketed this summer along with an animated cartoon 'Hitler and the masters of the Universe.'

One saleswoman said: "It is like Barbie. Kids can undress fuhrer, pin on medals and there's a spare head in the kit to give him a kinder expression on his face because a smiling egomaniac mass murdering vegetarian junkie is much more appealing to children .

"He has glasses that are round, in the manner of pacifist Jon Lennon". What a great comparison.

The doll will also come with accessories like a miniature Blondi, Hitler's faithful Alsatian who died alongside the Nazi in his bunker in Berlin in 1945.
No one mentions that Hitler himself tested his cyanide on the animal before he took his.

According to the saleswoman, should the demand be high, manufacturers will go further and launch a series of themed Third Reich toys, including interiors of Hitler's chancellery, toy concentration camps with barbed wire, barracks and operating models of gas chambers and crematoriums.

If you aren't sure what to get your children this year for Christmas the Hitler doll is a great idea. Its also lucky that Jews don't celebrate Christmas.


The Troll said...

Actually, there were fairly large numbers of supporters of the Third Reich IN Ukraine before and during WW2. Many served in Concentration Camps and some in the Waffen-SS. Many were in fact of at least partly Germanic ancestry.

Also, one could argue that Ukraine took a harder thrashing from Stalin's forces than from the Nazis.

Many of the Pro-Nazi Ukranians fled west when things got sticky and whipped out their Ukranian papers. Those that wound up in Brit custody were generally caught lying. While the ones who fled to the Americans were not. Many were allowed to emigrate to the USA.

Back then, Brits were smarter than Americans about stuff like that. Total reverse of the situation today.

B said...

john lennon was a pr!ck also y'know.
can it bend it's knees? cos that'd ruin the goosestep.
should also be able to wind it up and it can shake a bit, cos he had parkinsons.

cold warrior said...

I see Russian manipulation for the Ukraine wanting to join NATO.

B said...

the ukraine, why is it called that?

Kimberly said...

All of those children (including the dolls' inventer) should be forced to tour Alschwitz along w/ the other camps and hear about the horrors that took place, then read the Diary of Anne Frank and watch Schindlers' List. I don't find this funny at all, in fact it makes me sick to my stomach.

I wasn't alive yet during WWII either. That doesn't mean that I don't have a responsibility as a citizen (living anywhere)to know my world History and its' consequences......This is very disturbing.

An Israeli Soldier said...

We must teach these bastards tolerance by brutally wiping them out!

Taras said...

The source information about Hitler dolls in Ukraine is based on false,
anti-Ukrainian propaganda. The Daily Mail have withdrawn the article from their website and the BBC have now publicly acknowledged that this story
was false:

This doll has been on sale in the UK and the USA for some time already:


There is detailed information about how this story came to be twisted
into a slander against Ukraine, one posted by the Kharkiv Human Rights
Protection Group ( and a more detailed analysis by the Ukrainian Archive

I urge you to please issue a public correction.

Further reading:

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