Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let Slip The Dolphins Of War

On this 'Animal World Day' the US military has unveiled their new weapon in the fight against terror and all things scary.
If Al Qaeda or Iran were ever to form a navy of some kind they will have to face Donnie the Dolphin.

Guided by remote control to an internal transmitter inside Donnie he can be given commands such as seek out enemy ships and leap out of the water killing enemy combatants with a powerful fin mounted laser.

Dolphins are thought to be very intelligent though not so intelligent as to swim off to freedom.

General Platayus said: " We have given these fish 3 squares a day and a porpoise in life. These animals have been given the chance that dogs, horses, chimps and even pigeons have been given, to serve my country and maybe die for it if lucky ."


The Over-Thinker said...

Coming up next...Dogs delivering anthrax. Oh heavenly day...

Marie said...

Best title ever.

warriorwoman said...

what's next? Bald Eagles bomb Iraq.

Donnie Dolphin - The Laser Guided Missile Deliverer. No fish is safe.

So is Donnie a Fish For Hire?

Will he make you "swim with the fishes"?

Anonymous said...

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