Sunday, April 27, 2008

On The Edge

Police were called after a rambler snapped the Mitsubishi - because there were concerns someone was still in it.

Sandra Uttley, who was out walking her dog, said: "I spotted the car and I noticed it still had its engine running.

"I was worried there could be someone sat in the car as the area has been the site of some suicides in the past.

"I tried to climb down but quickly realised it wasn't a good idea so I came back and called the police so they could risk their lives instead.

"It looked like the car may have just been left to roll down to where it ended up."

The car had been stolen from Hinderwell, near Whitby, on March 11 and it's unclear whether the thieves drove it down the steep bank or pushed it hoping it would fall off the edge.

Police recovered the car and have been carrying out forensic tests. No arrests have been made over the theft.

Another near drop happened in California near San Diego. Sam Watersby lost control of his truck while driving along Rock canyon pass. He managed to stop it before it went over a 100 foot drop: " I don't believe in God but I sure believe that someone was looking out for me" he said.

Mr Watersby was killed in a hit and run a week later while running for a bus , his guardian angel must of been on a break.


The Tall Red Head said...

Yeah, thats what happens when you mess with the big guns. Always thank God, whether it be cos you have won a Grammy, Oscar or the local chook raffle. It was all because of him.

God said...

Well I don't like to brag but yes its me.